Episode 67 – Preparing for the Holidays

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How do you handle therapy during the holidays? Do you take a break, or keep working towards your goals? Is it okay to focus more on family situations that arise rather than treatment goals?

In this episode of The Shrink Think podcast, Nathan and Aaron answer all these questions and more as they share their thoughts on how to get the most out of therapy during the holiday season.

In This Episode


  • What do you talk about in therapy during the holidays?
  • Why does the holidays trigger stressors for people?
  • How do you care for yourself during the holidays?

What do you talk about in therapy during the holidays?

  • Therapists notice the same types of stress and emotions during the holiday season.
  • Some issues can get worse during the holidays, but some people can continue on their treatment path without the holiday disturbance.
  • Delve deep into how you’re feeling during the holidays – why are you feeling this way?

Why does the holidays trigger stressors for people?

  • Since the holidays are heavy on tradition, your body recalls how to feel during certain times of the year.
  • It’s not so much about the holidays. People get worried about the mindset that surrounds the holidays.
  • People have a picture of what the holidays should look like. Don’t force it!

How do you care for yourself during the holidays?

  • Make sure to schedule time for yourself!
  • An hour or even thirty minutes can be enough to step away and refresh yourself.
  • It can be running to the store, going for a walk – whatever it may be – to help you maximize your enjoyment of the holidays!

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Meet Nathan & Aaron

Nathan Hawkins and Aaron Potratz are both licensed therapists and clinical supervisors in the state of Oregon. They each own their own private group counseling practices and co-own a third group practice together. Nathan and Aaron have been in the field since 2004 and 2007, respectively, and have over 100,000 hours of therapy experience each. On their show, they discuss facing fears and common challenges from a therapist’s point of view, imparting wisdom and humanity to their viewers. Along the way, they hope to not only share their insights but bring some light-hearted entertainment to make the journey easier.

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