Episode 60 – Thursday is the New Friday

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Are you sick of these five day, forty hour workweeks? Doesn’t life feel easier when you give your brain a little extra time for rest? Do you think it’ll ever be changed?

In this episode of The Shrink Think podcast, Nathan, Aaron and special guest Joe Sanok answer all these questions and more as they share their opinions on Thursday being the new Friday.

In This Episode


  • Who is Joe Sanok?
  • When did the 40 hour workweek begin?
  • Why would a four-day workweek be more productive?

Who is Joe Sanok?

  • He is the host of the popular Practice of the Practice podcast, which is recognized as one of the Top 50 podcasts worldwide with over 100,000 downloads each month
  • He is the author of Thursday is the New Friday, a new book published by HarperCollins!
  • He has conducted over 600 interviews, is a business consultant, and a TedX speaker.

Why would a four-day workweek be more productive?

  • It is rooted in industrialism!
  • It was established during the time of factory and mill work – It was actually 44 hour work weeks back then!
  • It went to 40-hour workweeks in 1940 when Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act

What should you expect in the sessions that follow?

  • Friday has been having an affair with the weekend for far too long!
  • A study conducted in Iceland showed that 2500 people were able to be more productive during the four-day week. Giving your brain a break is important!
  • They were healthier and happier, too! It did not lead to a 20% decrease in productivity, like some in the business world worry will happen.

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