Episode 31-When Trauma Is All In The Family (Part 2)

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What in the world is “intergenerational trauma” (or just “generational trauma”)? How do you know if you have it? What can you do with it if it has been a part of your life?

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In this follow-up to the first episode, Nathan and Aaron close the two-part series on generational trauma as they share their observations and experiences as therapists.

In This Episode


  • What is generational trauma (continued from last episode)?
  • What you can do about it

What is generational trauma (continued from last episode)?

  1. How it can be so overwhelming that causes you to not be able to focus or function

What you can do about it

  1. Google generational trauma to learn more about it. There are some great resources on the internet that can help you.
    • There might be generational trauma support groups
  2. Look into treatments for trauma if this applies to you:
    • EMDR – well-researched, can also treat other anxiety issues like OCD
    • Somatic Experiencing (SE) – addresses the physical body, where trauma is stored
    • Internal Family Systems (IFS) – the most direct route to get to parts of you that carry trauma (such as from the movie “Inside Out”)
    • Neurofeedback – a newer approach
    • Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR) – by Laurel Parnell
  3. Dealing with Intergenerational Trauma is a decision to change which involves accepting an entirely different reality, and can impact the entire family system

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Meet Nathan & Aaron

Nathan Hawkins and Aaron Potratz are both licensed therapists and clinical supervisors in the state of Oregon. They each own their own private group counseling practices and co-own a third group practice together. Nathan and Aaron have been in the field since 2004 and 2007, respectively, and have over 100,000 hours of therapy experience each. On their show, they discuss facing fears and common challenges from a therapist’s point of view, imparting wisdom and humanity to their viewers. Along the way, they hope to not only share their insights but bring some light-hearted entertainment to make the journey easier.

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