Episode 26-Interview with Kasey Compton

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Are you stuck in your need for control? Are you doing everything for your business, unable to let go and delegate? Kasey Compton has some great advice for you on how to get organized, rely on others who are capable, and set up systems to address the chaos you might find in your business!

In this episode, Nathan and Aaron interview guest Kasey Compton. She is a licensed professional counselor turned entrepreneur, author of Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers (August 2021), speaker, and
systems-focused business consultant.

Kasey Compton

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  • Who is Kasey Compton and how did she get started?
  • How did Kasey discover systems?
  • How can a control freak start relying on others?
  • Where should systems be put into place?
  • Tips and notes

Who is Kasey Compton and how did she get started?

  1. Kasey has lived in central Kentucky pretty much her whole life
  2. She started out as a solo therapist in 2015 after a rough patch in her life, deciding to start a business
  3. Her business grew rapidly to fit the need, now with over 80-100 employees, and continues to expand
  4. When she began, she didn’t know anything about business and had little to no connection to the community

How did Kasey discover systems?

  1. Initially, Kasey didn’t realize she was good at systems
  2. She needed to earn money for herself and knew she couldn’t be an employee
  3. Until she started her business, she was unemployed and poor for months
  4. When Kasey did finally start her business, she became aware that she needed to control everything and be involved in every aspect of the business herself
  5. She finally realized that she had to depend on others more, and devised systems to run her practice better
  6. A friend of hers eventually asked her to do coaching on how to work with systems, because he had seen its value and her ability
  7. As her ideas spread, so did her impact – people were living better lives and succeeding, and she knew she had to pursue that

How can a control freak start relying on others?

  1. The most basic system is the one controlling the client’s journey through your practice: who picks up the phone, how they react, where they send the client, etc.
  2. Before you can even start relying on systems, you have to be willing to free yourself from you: start giving others tasks and see that they can do it and free you from that task
  3. Be okay to see people fail, because then they’ll grow and get better

Where should systems be put into place?

  1. Start with basic systems. For example, a healthcare business should have an office management system, an insurance business should have a billing system, etc
  2. It can be helpful to have a system for each ‘department’ or each area that your business covers
  3. Look for chaos. A system is built to organize and automate, so if there is chaos a system will help

Tips and notes

  1. What is Kasey’s client care system?
    • One of the most important things about a client’s journey is who they talk to, so Kasey made a system to keep things consistent
  2. How do you deal with massive to-do lists and anxiety?
    • Prioritize! Identify the core need and address it first, chipping away at all the extras
  3. Sales are the bloodline of your business, so focus first on sales. After that, you can begin to manage profits. Third and finally is order, which is where systems and organization come into play
  4. After reading Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz and hearing others’ thoughts, Kasey decided to rewrite a version of the book for healthcare providers specifically
    • Kasey’s book features a diagnostic tool to help prioritize problems, free up more time, and get things done

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