Today, Aaron and Nathan reflect on their experience with podcasting, their problems, their successes, and learning moments. They talk about their nervousness starting the podcast, their experiences with mentors and those farther along the road, and everything else they’ve gained from this refining year.

In the first few episodes

  • There was a lot of um’s, sweat, and loud swallowing as Aaron and Nathan got used to recording with a mic
  • It was scary to realize they were broadcasting to the whole world
  • The Fear Triangle series was great to break down over several episodes and provide it as a resource for clients and other therapist colleagues

Guest interview reflections

  • Having opportunities to meet such experienced therapists has been crazy but fun and insightful!
  • Meeting inspiring people has shown how much you can really achieve
  • The interview with Whitney Owens was the most vulnerable because she shared a dream she had about Aaron!
    • They also learned it’s okay to take things personally when running a business, but that you also need (and CAN) learn and grow from failures
  • Randy Kinnison showed how much you can achieve when you take intentional risks and are willing to adjust as needed
  • They were inspired by Amanda Patterson‘s fearlessness – obstacles sometimes need to be speedbumps and you just have to drive over them
  • Recording with Billy & Brandy Eldridge was fun and felt like hanging out with old friends!
  • Interviewing Julie Herres was the most surprising because they thought finances would be boring or scary but it turned out to be fun and interesting

Dreams and the future

  • Find a goal and figure it out as you go. Ask yourself along the way – is this the right goal? Am I willing to sacrifice to achieve it?
  • It matters who you pick to direct and guide you as you pursue your goals
  • Sometimes your dreams (like owning a building) are closer than you think they are!

That’s it for this year! 2020 has been rough, but some good memories have been made and a lot has been learned. Here’s hoping for a great 2021!

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Meet Nathan & Aaron

Nathan Hawkins and Aaron Potratz are both licensed therapists and clinical supervisors in the state of Oregon. They each own their own private group counseling practices and co-own a third group practice together. Nathan and Aaron have been in the field since 2004 and 2007, respectively, and have over 100,000 hours of therapy experience each. On their show, they discuss facing fears and common challenges from a therapist’s point of view, imparting wisdom and humanity to their viewers. Along the way, they hope to not only share their insights but bring some light-hearted entertainment to make the journey easier.

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