Episode 13-Interview with Amanda Patterson

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Is it possible to walk a career path without knowing where it will lead? How can one of your personality strengths be used to overcome a personality weakness? What is a good motto for handling fear?

In this episode, Nathan and Aaron interview guest Amanda Patterson.

Amanda Patterson, LMHC

In This Podcast


  • About our guest, Amanda Patterson
  • How Amanda got started in Psychology
  • How Amanda became a private practice owner
  • How Amanda faces her fears and self-doubt
  • Amanda’s success and future goals

About our guest, Amanda Patterson

How Amanda Got Started In Psychology

  • Amanda initially wanted to be a lawyer but realized it didn’t fit her so she found psychology and fell in love with it
  • Her Psych 101 class inspired her… and she still has the purple notebook from it to this day!
  • She attended Florida State University for her first year of undergrad, then transferred to Nova Southeastern University
  • Majoring in Psychology was her initial goal… and she loved the building the experimental psychology department was in!
  • Fun Fact: Amanda went to undergrad and started her Master’s program together but never dated at the time, until 15 years later!
  • She got a PsyD (similar to a doctorate) education in a Master’s program because of who the faculty were

How Amanda Became A Private Practice Owner

  • Amanda worked in agencies and felt burnt out because it’s hard work with long hours
  • At the time, nobody talked about private practice and nobody went directly from graduate school into private practice
  • She saw a job posting for office space, interviewed, and realized at that time she wanted to start a private practice!
  • She started her LLC in 2013 and began building her business

How Amanda Faces Fear & Self-Doubt

  • Amanda admits she is a “catastrophizer” but also a “planner” to manage her anxiety around making changes or big decisions
  • She subscribes to “feel the fear and do it anyway”, forcing herself to lean into fears to see what it would really look like if her fears came true
  • Knowing what the potential issues could be are, she begins planning to deal with her fears
  • The fears have not changed, she has – in terms of how she relates to her fears
  • Acceptance of fear moves her from maladaptive coping to more adaptive coping
  • Amanda has a fear of the dark but has accepted it and learned to manage it so it does not interfere with her life
  • Amanda’s Key: Accept your fears rather than trying to get rid of them, but don’t allow them to control your life

Amanda’s Success and Future Goals

  • Amanda’s goal has been to stabilize her group practice as Director, which she learned at Slow Down School with Joe Sanok
  • She “stumbled upon” the opportunity to open up a second office in 2019 when she moved an hour away from the first office location
  • Hiring the right people and setting the systems of her business has helped her step back and be able to work on coaching and building her online community
  • Long-term, Amanda wants to see clients as a therapist while also doing coaching – which are two very different roles!
  • Getting married to her Psychologist husband last year and starting their family later in life has been a major shift in her professional career and direction

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