Episode 12-Interview with Randy Kinnison

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What are two important keys to successfully starting your own business? How can knowing yourself help you avoid pitfalls and stay focused? What is the best way to create a product to serve the market you’re wanting to reach?

In this episode, Nathan and Aaron interview guest Dr. Randy Kinnison, AKA “Doctor Peace“.

Dr. Randall Kinnison

In This Podcast


  • About our guest, Dr. Randy Kinnison
  • Randy’s keys to success
  • How he became a mediator, despite a 90% fail rate in the field
  • How he handles “Imposter Syndrome” (feeling like a “phony”)
  • How Randy stays focused with so many ideas and businesses he runs

About our guest, Randy Kinnison

Randy’s Keys To Success

  • Have a good work ethic and self-discipline
  • Keep your overhead expenses low when starting out
  • Later, when you find success, you can grow and upgrade
  • Find your niche and continue to niche down so you excel at your specialty
  • Randy’s is mindful about how he manages people: “Most people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their boss”

How Randy Became A Mediator

  • Randy was always passionate about peace, helping people, and collaborating with people in whatever job he worked
  • Randy has done Strengths Finders, Myers-Briggs, and many other assessments. He re-examines these every few months to stay grounded in who he is and what his talents are
  • Not only does Randy want to reach 3 million people, he has a plan for that but is also flexible about how to accomplish it

Dealing with “Imposter Syndrome”

  • Knowing his Strengths Finder personality (“Activator”) has helped him identify his gift of confidence and use it to his advantage
  • Being open to feedback to learn and grow has minimized his experience of “Imposter Syndrome”
  • Focusing on what the next step is, one step at a time, and trusting that “this is the path forward” has also helped
  • Randy emphasizes learning and leaning on others who have gone before you to avoid making some mistakes
  • Randy suggests you pivot where you need to and pick yourself up where you fall down
  • He also encourages you to not quit and keep going, even if you fall or fail

Staying Focused

  • Randy spends regular time stepping away to reflect on his life and career to make sure he’s on the path he wants to be on
  • He also does some in-depth analysis of each of his companies to determine which has the most impact in order to achieve his goal of reaching 3 million people
  • Although Randy has a goal, how he gets there is flexible and he stays open to what that will look like
  • For example, he initially wanted to write books but he has pivoted to making online courses a more effective way of achieving his goal
  • Collaboration with others has also accelerated his process and ability to achieve his goals
  • Listening to the people you’re serving helps to stay focused on what is going to be the most helpful in meeting their needs

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