9 Ways To Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt

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The Shrink Think Podcast was started as a way for us to talk more about the things we see our clients struggle with and the things we face every day as people. We want to practice what we preach to people as we find ourselves working through the same things, so we started the podcast to open up about these challenges and share them with you.

Our motivation is simple: we want to be healthy and want to help as many people as possible be healthy, too. We want YOU to be healthy and have healthy relationships!

There are tons of self-help books out there that I’m sure you’ve heard about or even read. But hearing from a therapist – or in this case, TWO therapists – can give you some insights about how to think about issues in a way that books cannot.

If you want to go beyond being a passive listener to our podcast, we’ve created a 9-week email course walking you through some foundational elements needed to begin actively facing fears and challenges in a healthier way. We’ve put a lot of hours into creating this free course specifically for you and the needs you have – which is probably why you’re listening to our podcast!

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