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face masks hanging up note says goodbye 2020

Episode 20-Goodbye 2020

Today, Aaron and Nathan reflect on their experience with podcasting, their problems, their successes, and learning moments. They talk about their nervousness starting the podcast, their experiences with mentors and those farther along the road, and...

dog with stick in mouth from snowman's arm

Episode 19-Christmas Fun

What do Christmas conundrums and Chevy Chase have in common? How can National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation help you solve your problems? Image by Vincent Groeneveld from Pixabay In this episode, Nathan and Aaron take a break from their usual...

man face dark room sad

Episode 17-Shame

What exactly is shame? How is it different from guilt or embarrassment? What are some practical things you can do to avoid feeling ashamed or taking things personally? Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash In this episode, Nathan and Aaron answer all...

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